brandon lee design

High Quality B2B brand strategy, creative
direction and design
you can trust on your most
important projects.

helping b2b digital agencies bring the best in design to their projects + tight deadlines

I help digital agencies develop high quality strategy and design work. B2B is a different beast; various industries can be quite complex and understanding how buyers engage with content is just different.

With over a decade of experience in the agency space and client facing projects, from startups to Cisco, I’ve collaborated with the best of the best to bring that wow factor you're looking to deliver to your clients.
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Creative Direction

Marketing Strategy, Positioning, Mood Boards, Wireframes, Creative Direction
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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy, Brand Briefs, Mood Boards, Visual Identity, Voice + Tone
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Mood Boards, Logo Mark Design, Web Design + Graphic Design
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discover how I approach
startup marketing

Helping B2B startups know where to start with their marketing is a challenge.

Download a Free DEMO of “The First Steps” framework to discover exactly how I approach the first steps to any marketing effort to catch a glimpse of how I align their wants and goals before they tackle any marketing initiatives with their audience.
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some of my work

Below are a few examples of how I’ve worked for and collaboratively with B2B agencies to deliver brand startegy, creative direction and design. As an extension of your team, I make it possible to feel as though I’m in the desk right next to you.

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“Brandon did not ask for this testimonial. I volunteered it…I am amazed and delightfully pleased with Brandon’s prompt and helpful assistance whenever that has been needed. You just can’t go wrong with Brandon’s themes and service.”

Ted K, Brandon Lee Design Guest
“…I said before your stuff is just amazing I love the look and feel of it and I will be placing an order within the next couple days. You’re quick and precise response even makes me more comfortable doing business with you and encouraging others to take a look at your stuff thanks again”

Chris P, Brandon Lee Design Guest
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Realmac Software,
“Brandon - this is brilliant, I can not thank you enough. I will NOT hesitate in buying more of your themes etc with this level of support and advice - just brilliant. Thank you.”

Adrian H, Brandon Lee Design Guest
“Having played with the Couture theme for a couple of days now, I can say without doubt it’s the finest [RW] theme I’ve ever seen. It’s astonishing…My only request is that you stop releasing new themes for a while cause each one is better than the last and I find myself upgrading…”

Jamie, Brandon Lee Design Guest
“I have to tell you that I’ve scoured the net for RapidWeaver templates, and barring maybe a few others, yours are BY FAR the nicest ones out there. It’s so rare these days to come across people on the technical-support side who truly care…You certainly went above and beyond.”

Eric D, Brandon Lee Design Guest
“Note, I have been a rapid weaver user for about 7 years and this is by far the best service I have ever received. With this quality of service - you have just [gained] yourself a customer for life…Keep up the great work!”

Okell D, Brandon Lee Design Guest