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flx interactive

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FLX Interactive helps forward-thinking marketers lead innovation at their B2B company, get recognized as significant contributors to sales, and clearly demonstrates the ROI of their marketing activities.

Working as an extension of each of their clients teams, it was our responsibility to assist with diagnosing marketing's most important problems, develop a plan to improve, and execute from both creative strategy and design.
Project Highlight: FLX Interactive Rebrand and Website Design
My Role: Creative Director, Brand Strategist + Designer
Studio: FLX Interactive
Challenges: New Positioning and Focus Group
Solution: Rebrand | Web Redesign
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marketing that matters

from interactive digital touch applications to traditional digital marketing

Project Highlight: Retirement in a Nutshell (RIAN)
My Role: Creative Director + Design
FLX Interactive
Retirement in a Nutshell - Your Trusted Financial Advisor Software
Challenges: Low Brand and Website Engagement
Retirement in a Nutshell's biggest challenge was to clearly communicate the benefits of the software and to visually reflect the high quality and caliber of the effectiveness of the platform. This resulted in a decreasing amount of signups and demo downloads on a monthly basis.
Solution: Rebrand | Web Redesign
We needed to start from scratch. The Retirement in a Nutshell team went through the Hi Octane Brand Program where we began with business and marketing goals, how those aligned with their overall vision for the company, and ended with the tactics that included a new identity and launch of the new website. An entirely new brand was developed based on the vision of the founders and rightly influenced with their most ideal clients to be incorporated at every touchpoint prospective customers had with RIAN.
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Project Highlight: Interactive Trade Show Campaign
Studio: FLX Interactive
My Role: Creative Director + Design
American Modular Systems
California’s leading modular manufacturer, known statewide for designing and building quality educational facilities.
Problem: Low Trade Show Engagement
Solution: Interactive Touch Screen Applications and Design
We needed to work with the client to create a new and exciting experience for the business' string of trade shows for the year. We decided to replace the traditional trade show collateral, business cards and handouts, with an immersive interactive experience that would attract visitors to the booth and leave a lasting impression. We created three separate interactive experience zones that incorporated a number of different touch applications depending on what type of information the guests were interested in. This included a Product Zone, a Brand Story Zone, and an Entertainment Zone.
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b2b clients we serve

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